Asphalt paving in the GTA – Finding the City’s Best Contractors!

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Asphalt Paving in the GTA – Know Where to Find the Best and How to Get the Most!

Toronto is without a doubt, one of the greatest cities in the world. An abundance of parkland, a lush tree canopy, a rich, vibrant, and safe downtown, and suburban neighbourhoods flush with all of the necessary services and amenities. Four distinct seasons mirror this city’s deep diversity and unique flavour. Of course, the weather extremes of summer and winter can be a logistical and financial challenge for property and city services to proactively maintain. Fortunately, city roads and private properties with asphalt paving in the GTA are serviced by some of the most respected companies and contractors in the country; after all they must be the best to operate in Toronto!


How to Locate and Identify a Top Pavement Contractor in the GTA


Start with the companies that have been in around the longest – there’s a reason a company stays in business 15 to 20+ years in the GTA. It’s a fiercely competitive market so only the best will survive for that long. Review their websites and pay close attention to their testimonials and list of clientele. If they consistently service large, recognizable brands and customers rave about the service, then put those companies at the top of your list. Review at least five to seven reputable companies online, before inviting your top three choices to come out for a site visit.

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Prepare for the site visit like it is a paid consultation. Take detailed notes of your parking lot, driveway, access route, or private road conditions. Asphalt paving can be expensive if you have not maintained the surface over the years, but a complete resurfacing can also be overkill in many cases, where repairs are an economical and prudent choice. Take a thorough walk throughout the property and note any areas that are damaged or are beginning to show signs of subtle cracking. Be prepared to pepper the contractor with questions, and continue to drill down deeper until you understand their business almost as well as they do, when it comes to your property.

And compare equipment from company to company, ensuring your choice has the most up to date machinery to properly clean and prepare, pave, repair, and finish the job perfectly.


Weigh the Options Carefully


Sometimes the right choice is not always so clear. Request two complete alternatives from each of your contract bidders. Compare their rationale, short term costs and long term implications of the choices. If the project is not urgent, take the time to work with your pavement solution provider to prepare a complete pavement management plan. Review the current repair needs in relation to the overall plan. The overall financial picture should be clearer and a confident decision much easier to make.


Remember, asphalt paving in the GTA is an important investment of your time as well as capital. A thorough vendor search process will undoubtedly provide you the best outcome every time. A well maintained property raises curb appeal of your asset and contributes to the overall impression of our great city – it’s small details and each important pieces that makes the whole look so much better!

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